Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Allan Mallinson – “The Nizam’s Daughters”

Publ:2003 ISBN: 1841976423
Rating: *** 3 stars

Allan Mallinson is an expert on military history and commanded the 13th Hussars in Cyprus and Norway before working for the MOD and is currently British Military Attache on Rome. He is also an expert of Indian matters and that is this book’s biggest downfall. It continues the career of Captain Matthew Hervey as he ends up in India on behalf of the Duke of Wellington. One of the reasons I like historical novels is that one learns so much but this defies that principal by including lots of Indian words that it fails to translate. Instead of educating it mystified. Even a glossary would have helped though the really clever way would have been to use the text – Hervey, after all, is new to India and could easily require things explaining. If he had managed this vocabulary issue better I would have given the novel a four star rating.

ALLAN MALLINSON – see “A Close Run Thing

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