Saturday, 15 November 2008

Manda Scott – “The Crystal Skull”

Publ: 2007 ISBN: 9780553817669
Rating: **** 4 stars

The end of the world is scheduled for 21st December 2012. That is according to the Mayan prophecies about which there are also stories of crystal skulls. This combines the ancient Mayan prophecies with a 16th century history of one of the hiding of one of the skulls and its 21st century adventure when the skull is rediscovered. Very good – I especially enjoyed the switching between 16th and 21st centuries.

MANDA SCOTT is a British-born veterinary surgeon, writer and climber, not necessarily in that order. Born and educated in Scotland, she trained at the Glasgow Vet School and now lives and works in Suffolk, sharing her life with two lurchers and other assorted wildlife. She is known primarily as a crime writer. Her first novel, Hen's Teeth, hailed by Fay Weldon as 'a new voice for a new world' was shortlisted for the 1997 Orange Prize. Her subsequent novels, Night Mares, Stronger than Death and No Good Deed, for which she was hailed as 'one of Britain's most important crime writers' by The Times, are published by Headline. The Boudica series are her first historical novels. They are, she says, the books she was born to write.

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