Saturday, 8 November 2008

William Napier – “Atilla”

Publ: 2005 ISBN: 9780752861128
Rating: *** 3 stars

An enjoyable and pretty good historical fiction charting the beginnings of the career of Atilla the Hun. It is 406 A.D. and the Roman Empire is in decline and the young Atilla is a hostage in Rome. I suspect that I shall go on and read the remaining two books in this trilogy (Atilla has subsequently been renamed “The Scourge of God”) but there is nothing particularly special about it.

Some quotes:-

God has a thousand and one names.

"Christians of the city condemned all those who did not follow their god as pagani, which meant simply 'country-dwellers'.

"Rest on her lightly, earth and dew,
She put so little weight on you"

I can hardly think of a better epitaph for a young child than the above.

WILLIAM NAPIER is a pseudonym used by Christopher Hart, a British author born in 1965. Under his original name Christopher Hart has written two contemporary novels. Since 2001, he has been writing under the pseudonym of William Napier and his writing has settled on historical fiction, about the final days of Rome and Atilla.

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