Friday, 21 November 2008

Books, coffee and a crossword

I had to go to Heswall for blood tests yesterday morning. Because I had been forced to fast for the previous 14 hours this gave me the perfect excuse to come straight out and into Linghams.

There are not many independent booksellers left nowadays but Linghams is one of the best, as witnessed by the fact that it was short listed for the Bookseller Retail Awards 2005. But it wasn’t the books I was initially concerned with today – it was a latte (with extra sugar) and a toasted teacake.

I did a Times 2 crossword while I ate and drank and then had a wander around the shop. I bought a book for Jo for Christmas and another for myself (also to be given to me as a Christmas present). With choosing my own Christmas presents it may seem as though I wouldn’t have a surprise on Christmas morning but I’ve forgotten what the book was already so it should certainly be a bolt from the blue!

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