Saturday, 27 September 2008

Allan Mallinson - "A Close Run Thing"

Publ: 1999 ISBN: 0553507133
Rating: ****

In the tradition of Cornwell's Sharpe, this historical military adventure is the first of a series about Cornet Matthew Hervey, a young cavalry officer in Wellington's army of 1815. Bringing alive the Napoleonic era and the armies whose blood stained the soil of turbulent nations, here is the story of one man whose valour and vision bring him honor, betrayal, and a challenge beyond his imagining.

Written with stunning authenticity, and sweeping from battleground to country mansion, from French château to smoky Irish hovel, A Close Run Thing gilds history with a bold imagination in an unforgettable tale of the fortunes of war and the conflicts of the spirit.

Brigadier ALLAN MALLINSON was a serving cavalry officer. Besides the Matthew Hervey series, he is the author of Light Dragoons, a history of four regiments of British Cavalry, one of which he commanded, and a regular reviewer for The Times and the Spectator.
The Matthew Hervey series comprises:-
1. A Close Run Thing (1999)
2. The Nizam's Daughters (2000)
3. A Regimental Affair (2001)
4. A Call to Arms (2002)
5. The Sabre's Edge (2003)
6. Rumours of War (2004)
7. An Act of Courage (2005)
8. Company of Spears (2006)
9. Man of War (2007)
10. Warrior (2008)

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