Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Lindsey Davis – “A Body in the Bath House”

Publ: 2001 ISBN: 13579108642
Rating: ***

The first Lindsey Davis book I tried I didn’t get very far into. Nevertheless I tried again and enjoyed my second effort. The hero, Falco, comes to Britain and causes as much chaos as he is meant to solve.

A couple of quotes:-
Sometimes the Fates must have a drop too much to drink; while they lie down groaning with headache, they forget to screw you.
...By now the Fates must have woken up with a real hangover...

The Marcellinus villa was supposed to be about twelve miles away – that was probably as the crow flew, and in my experience British crows were tipsy old bunches of feathers who could not use maps.

LINDSEY DAVIS was born in Birmingham in 1949 but now lives in Greenwich. After an English degree at Oxford she joined the Civil Service but now writes full time. In 1999 she received the Sherlock Award for Best Comic Detective for her creation, Marcus Didius Falco.

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