Friday, 19 September 2008

Bernard Cornwell – “Sharpe’s Triumph”

Publ:1998 ISBN: 978-1-4395-0132-0
Rating: ****

Sharpe's Triumph: Richard Sharpe and the Battle of Assaye September 1803 is the second book in the Sharpe series
Sharpe's Triumph covers Sergeant Sharpe's service with the British Army in India, before the Peninsular War and Waterloo. The story begins with a treacherous attack by Maj. William Dodd, a British officer who has defected from the East India Company. Surviving the massacre, Sharpe vows to take revenge, a vow that leads him to serve with Gen. Arthur Wellesley and to take the field when Wellesley leads an impossibly small force of 5000 men against the 50,000 of the Maratha Army quartered at Assaye.
I thoroughly enjoyed the action and the historical detail. I’ve never studied this period of history and apart from knowing a bit about Wellington it’s all fairly new to me. A great way of learning!
I’m now keeping my eyes open for Sharpe’s Fortress and Sharpe’s Trafalgar...


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