Tuesday, 9 September 2008

If I were a Millionaire

If I were a Millionaire one of the things that I would most enjoy doing is buying books and, more to the point, tracking them down. I would try to trace copies of all the books I've ever owned plus the missing ones from series that I have read or collected. Apart from the cost of the books I would need to be a millionaire to have the space to store them all.

In the meantime, in the absence of that elusive Lottery win, I shall continue to enjoy rambling around charity shops and looking through their books. There are two charity shops just around the corner from Helen and Ian's and I wandered along there today between the rainy spells. In the first I found two Ellis Peters 'Cadfael' mysteries that I hadn't read.

Ellis Peters (an alias of Edith Pargeter) died in 1995 and the 20th Brother Cadfael mystery was written in 1994 so I doubt there will be any more in the series. I have read seventeen of them so to find two of the missing three was a real bonus. So expect reviews soon of "The Hermit of Eyton Forest" (1987) and "The Holy Thief" (1992).

This only leaves "The Potter's Field" (1989) for me to find.

In the second shop I found an M C Beaton book - one of the Hamish Macbeth series, "Death of an Outsider". What is particularly good about this is that it is one of the early ones in that series.

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