Thursday, 25 September 2008

Michael Jecks – “The Mad Monk of Gidleigh”

Publ: 2002 ISBN: 0 7553 0169 2
Rating: ****

Sir Baldwin de Furnshill sets off again as Keeper of the King’s Peace in the winter of 1323 to solve another murder. I think this is the best Michael Jecks I have read yet. Helped by recent visits to the location of the plot – Dartmoor and its environs – and being able to visualise Lydford castle as we saw it a few weeks ago, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole book.
It seemed longer than previous Michael Jecks books I had read and the dénouement was better than most of these sort of historical murder mysteries which normally rely rather too heavily on the historical aspect and don’t have such good murder mystery plots.
If you are going to read a 14th Century murder mystery, this is one of the best ones to begin with.

MICHAEL JECKS – see The Malice of Unnatural Death.

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