Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Bernard Cornwell - "Sharpe's Escape"

Publ: 2004 ISBN: 0007120133
Rating: ****

Set in September 1810, this fits just after Sharpe's Battle and Sharpe's Havoc in the series.
In September of 1810, just before repulsing the French army on the bare slopes of Bussaco ridge in central Portugal, Captain Sharpe is forced to take Lieutenant Slingsby, Colonel Lawford's arrogant, heavy-drinking brother-in-law, under his wing. Sharpe then stumbles into a confrontation with Ferragus, the malevolent brother of their treacherous Portuguese ally, Major Ferreira, whom he catches illegally hoarding flour to sell to the enemy. Another most enjoyable book.

Bernard Cornwell - see Sword Song

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