Saturday, 20 September 2008

Diana Gabaldon – “Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade”

Publ: 2007 ISBN: 1844132005
Rating: ****

Unlaid ghosts from the past are stirring. Lord John's brother has mysteriously received a page of their late father's missing diary. Someone is taunting the Grey family with secrets from the grave, but Hal, with secrets of his own, refuses to pursue the matter and orders his brother to do likewise. Frustrated, John turns to a man who has been both his prisoner and his confessor: the Scottish Jacobite James Fraser.
Fraser can tell many secrets - and withhold many others. But war, a forbidden affair, and Fraser's own secrets will complicate Lord John's quest. Until James Fraser yields the missing piece of an astounding puzzle - and Lord John, caught between his courage and his conscience, must decide whether his family's honour is worth his life.

DIANA GABALDON see Lord John and the Hand of Devils.

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