Saturday, 2 July 2011

We Love This Book

We Love This Book

It's not often I put the same posting on more than one of my blogs but this deserves it so I've put it on both Rambles from my Chair and  A Book Every Six Days.

If you live in the UK and have £8.95 to spare I strongly recommend you invest it in a year’s subscription to this new quarterly magazine (The Launch Issue can be picked up free at some booksellers). For the price of about four or five Sunday Newspapers you get a tremendous new magazine which contains reviews, a short story, feature articles, and just about everything bookish.  Even the adverts are interesting.

Mind you, the Launch Issue has already made me add lots of books to my Amazon wishlist so perhaps it’s going to work out a lot more expensive than the £8.95 !

I also noticed a load of books that other members of the family might be interested to know about.  Daughter-who-takes-photos and Friend-who-loves-otters might like to see if Alice Hart’s book ‘Vegetarian’ is in the library.  It has 141 recipes celebrating fresh seasonal ingredients and the magazine shows one of the recipes as an example. They may also like to be aware that ‘Map of a Nation’, a biography of the Ordnance Survey by Rachel Hewett is now available in paperback.

In view of their intention of having clucky things in the garden, Food-loving-daughter and Son-in-law-who-cooks might be interested to know that in August there will be a book called ‘Keeping Chickens for Dummies’ published (authors Pammy Riggs, et al).  The magazine even has ten tips for healthy chickens!  Food-loving-daughter may also enjoy the article on Forensic Fiction in the launch issue while Son-in-law-who-cooks might like to check out the book ‘Free Radicals’ by Michael Brooks..

Brother-who-blogs will be pleased to hear there is a new 44 Scotland Street novel out by Alexander McCall Smith in August – ‘Bertie plays the blues’. ‘Precious and the Monkeys’ by the same author is described as a charming book for all ages and is also to appear in August while September sees an addition to his Isabel Dalhousie series -  ‘The Forgotten Affairs of Youth’.

Partner-who-loves-tea should enjoy the sociology book ‘Join the Club’, a look at groups and the influence of peer pressure, by Tina Rosenberg. ‘The Psychopath Test’ by Jon Ronson also looks to be her sort of book but I need to be careful how I word that.  I’m not suggesting Jo needs to take it but some of her clients might!  It concerned me a little that this “entertaining, wry and insightful commentary on the ‘madness industry’” was listed under humour!

Having read the reviews I’ve added the following to my ‘to-be-read’ list:-
Kate Summerscale ‘The Suspicions of Mr Whicher’ (A Victorian crime novel so of especial interest to me).
David Nicholl ‘One Day’
Mark Twain 'Letters from Earth' (already bought for my Kindle)
Vanessa Diffenbaugh ‘The Language of Flowers’
Rebecca Makkai ‘The Borrower’
Hari Kunzru ‘Gods without Men’
Emma Donoghue ‘Room’
Shirley McKay ‘Time and Tide’
Tom Holt ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Sausages’ (with a title like that it had to be a Tom Holt book!)
Charles Stross ‘Rule 34’
Ryan David Jahn ‘The Dispatcher’
Benjamin Black ‘A Death in Summer’
Lynn Knight ‘Lemon Sherbert and Dolly Blue’


  1. Thanks for the tip on the cookbook. I'll look out for it.

    I'm reading Room at the moment and it is very good. I got it from a charity shop so you can borrow it next time I see you if you haven't read it by then.

  2. This Magazine looks like just my cup of tea. I will look out for it. Strongly suspect, though, that like you, I would end up buying loads of stuff on Amazon, as a consequence. Interesting that you haven't yet read "One Day". Wonder what your review would be.


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