Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Review:- Ian Irvine – “A Shadow on the Glass”

Year Published: - 1998
Where the book was from:- My own copy – ex-library
ISBN: - 1 841 49 003 2
Pages: -572 pp
Genre: - Fantasy
Location:- Fantasy
How I came across it: - Serendipity
Rating: - ***** *

One sentence summary:- The first part of ‘The View from the Mirror’ involving the peoples of three worlds and the balance between them.

Describe the plot without giving anything away:- Karan, a sensitive with a troubled past, is forced to steal an ancient relic in payment for a debt. When chased across country she is befriended by a brilliant chronicler, Lliam, who has been expelled from his college for uncovering a perilous mystery.

General comments:-
Whilst I enjoyed it I’m not sure I shall bother with the rest of the View from the Mirror series -
1. A Shadow on the Glass (1998)
2. The Tower On the Rift (1998)
3. Dark is the Moon (1999)
4. The Way Between the Worlds (1999)


AUTHOR Notes:- Ian Irvine is an Australian born author, born 1950.

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