Sunday, 10 July 2011

Currently Reading

Having seen the sidebars of some of the other book blogs I decided to put in a picture of the book I am currently reading. I have mentioned before how I tend to have more than one book on the go but it was only when I went to get images for my ‘current reads’ that I realised how out of hand this has got. I have fifteen books on the go. And that is not counting the three on the Kindle and a few others that have found their way back on to my bookshelves with bookmarks in them, waiting to be finished some undefined day in the future. I’m not putting thirteen pictures down the side bar and I can’t see myself changing the sidebar every day or so as my books are finished or change so I’ll simply put the main one(s).

Just out of interest, here are the fifteen.  I wonder if some of them would appear on a similar list in a year's time?

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  1. I think I see a love of the Victorian age pattern, yes?


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