Saturday, 16 July 2011

Review:- David DICKINSON – “Death on the Nevskii Prospekt”

Year Published: - 2006
Where the book was from:- Pensby Library
ISBN: - 9781845296711
Pages: - -pp
Genre: - Historical Crime
Location:- St Petersburg 1906
How I came across it: - Continuing the series
Rating: - ***** ****

One sentence summary:- Another in the fine Dickinson tradition of mixing the real atmosphere of the place and time with a rollicking good mystery.

Describe the plot without giving anything away:- Lord Francis Powerscourt has been retired for a while at the request of Lady Lucy who wasn't happy seeing him so nearly killed last time out. He needs no coaxing out of his retirement once Lady Lucy is convinced of the error of her weays and Powerscourt heads for St. Petersburg, where a British diplomat has been discovered dead on a bridge spanning Nevskii Prospekt. It would seem the man knew a secret — and it proved fatal. As Powerscourt paces the Winter Palace and ponders the mystery, other matters press in on him. With Russia on the brink of revolution, he must make his escape, before time runs out on him too.

General comments:- The sixth in the series. I am currently reading Death of a Pilgrim and then only have Death of a Wine Merchant and Death and the Jubilee to read. I’ve ordered these two from Abebooks having been unable to get Death and the Jubilee via the library.

Quotations:- (Took back to library before remembering to copy them out)

:- see Death on a Holy Mountain

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