Saturday, 3 January 2009

Review – Bernard CORNWELL – “Sharpe’s Battle”

Publ: 1996
Pensby Library
ISBN: 0 00 647324 5
Genre: historical fiction; Napoleonic wars;
Pages: 391p
Continuing the reading of this series
Rating: ***** **

What led you to pick up this book?
Continuing the reading of this series

Describe the plot without giving anything away.
Sharpe and the riflemen of his Light Company are sent to mollycoddle a group of discontented Irishmen who had been part of the Spanish royal guard. The objective as far as the high command is concerned is to let them disgrace themselves – or get killed in the process. Sharpe has other ideas. The plot also has an unknown spy to add a touch of mystery to the drama.

What did you think of the characters?
Cornwell has a knack for making characters live.

What did you think about the style?
As good as usual.

What did you like most about the book?
At the moment (i.e. the residue of the Christmas holidays) I was looking for some comfort reading that didn’t take too much effort and this fitted the bill nicely.

Was there anything you didn't like about the book?

Thoughts on the book jacket / cover.
I like this whole series of jacket covers (excepting Sharpe’s Christmas). This one is by William Barnes Wollen.

Would I recommend it?

Yes, to any Sharpe fan and a reasonable one to be read as a ‘one-off’’.

BERNARD CORNWELL – see Sharpe’s Havoc

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