Monday, 19 January 2009

Pensby Library

Many congratulations to Wirral Borough Council. They have listened to local residents and despite my fears that local consultation was to be a mere sop it has proved effective insofar as Pensby Library is concerned.

Wirral Council's Cabinet has agreed a detailed resolution following a public consultation on the Strategic Asset Review. On November 27th Cabinet agreed the Strategic Asset Review recommended by officers in principle, subject to consultation with the people of Wirral.

Cabinet noted the often passionate support of what were felt to be local community facilities and recognised the considerable time and effort put in by a number of correspondents who sought to provide detailed arguments for the retention of a particular facility.

It was resolved, inter alia, that in response to substantial public representation, Pensby Library be retained.

I can hardly express how relieved and grateful I am.


  1. Wonderful. I'm very pleased for you (and the rest of Pensby).

  2. I assume that you were one of the correspondents. Well done to them one and all. Only those of us who have been in the system will realise the significance of such a result.

  3. Excellent news! Important places, Libraries (and I'm not just speaking as an author!).


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