Saturday, 21 August 2010

Review:- Craig RUSSELL – “Blood Eagle”

Year Published: - 2005
Where the book was from:- Pensby Library
ISBN: - 0 09 180014 5
Pages: - 405pp
Genre: - Crime
Location:- Hamburg
How I came across it: - Serendipity
Rating: - ***** *
One sentence summary:- A rather complex German police drama.

Describe the plot without giving anything away:- A serial killer with a horrific trademark is active in Hamburg but when Erster Kriminialhauptkommisar Fabel begins to investigate he finds that various other branches of the police and security forces are involved, making him question who are the good guys and who are the baddies.

General comments:- The various branches of the police and security forces are confusing for a non-German and the plot itself gets a bit difficult in its later stages. Nevertheless, the writing and the characterization make it a worthwhile read.

This is the first of five Jan Fabel novels.

AUTHOR Notes:- Craig Russell was born in Scotland in 1956.

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