Sunday, 15 August 2010

Review:- Clare CURZON – “Last to Leave”

Year Published: - 2004
Where the book was from:- Pensby Library
ISBN: - 1-84395-722-1
Pages: - 394pp (large Print)
Genre: - Cosy Thriller
Location:- London and Venice
How I came across it: - Serendipity
Rating: - ***** *
One sentence summary:- An eightieth birthday party turns out to be more of an event than expected when the house where the family are gathered burns down around them.

General comments:-
A fairly typical family intrigue story with the added bonus of a murder, an assault, a kidnapping and a few other things thrown in. Spt Mike Yeadings of the Thames Valley police gets involved. At first it was a credible story but sadly it got less credible as it went on. Quite enjoyable but I prefer even my cosy crime / thrillers to be a bit more believable.

AUTHOR Notes:- Clare CURZON began writing in the 1960s and has published more than forty novels under a variety of pseudonyms. She studied French and psychology at King’s College, London and much of her work is concerned with the dynamics of close-knit communities. A grandmother to seven she also enjoys painting. Last to Leave is the tenth in the Mike Yeadings series.

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