Monday, 30 August 2010

Review - Aubrey MALONE - "Literary Trivia"

Year Published: - 2004
Where the book was from:- Helen's (Helen originally got it from me - I recognised the pencil marks in it!)
ISBN: - 1 85375 474 9
Pages: - 304pp
Genre: - Trivia, literature
Location: - -
How I came across it: - Meandering around Helen's bookshelves
Rating: - ***** *****
One sentence summary:- An excellent book of literary trivia and the weird and wonderful behaviour of the world's wordsmiths.

General comments:- Having commented about poor indices in other trivia books the first point I should make is that this has an excellent one.

There are lists of every type imaginable and some that you could never have imagined!

An ideal book for both dipping into or reading from cover to cover.

AUTHOR Notes:- Aubrey Malone has published a number of humorous volumes including The Cynic’s Dictionary.

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