Thursday, 1 April 2010

Review:- Fiona McINTOSH – “Myrren’s Gift”

Year Published: - 2003
Where the book was from:- Gift from Bryony
ISBN: - 978 1 84149 373 2
Pages: - 662pp
Genre: - Fantasy
Location:- Morgravia / Briavel
How I came across it: - Gift
Rating: - ***** ***
One sentence summary:- Wyl Thirsk, General of the Morgravian Legion, is forced to watch the torture of Myrren, an alleged witch, and gives what comfort he can; in return for this she gives him a unique gift which stands him in good stead when he is shorn of friends and allies in later years.

Describe the plot without giving anything away:-
This is the first part of a trilogy entitled The Quickening. Fairly typical fantasy plot with the good guy isolated from friends and allies as he goes about his business of rescuing princesses, etc. The eponymous gift is, however, something quite unusual and sets this Fiona McIntosh work apart from many similar books.

General comments:-
I haven’t read any fantasy novels for ages and seemed to have gone off them but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Not sure if I’m going to finish the trilogy but if I do the first one is memorable enough for me to catch up with the action after quite a break.

AUTHOR Notes:-
Fiona McINTOSH is a fantasy author who lives in Australia. She was born in Brighton in 1960 and between the ages of three and eight, travelled a lot to Africa due to her father's work. At the age of nineteen she travelled first to Paris and later to Australia, where she has lived ever since. She also writes under the pseudonym Lauren Crow.

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