Thursday, 1 April 2010

Review:- Carol LAKE – “The Horse is Out of Order”

Year Published: - 1994
Where the book was from:- Gift from Carol
ISBN: - 0-9642362-2-2
Pages: - 70pp
Genre: - Creative writing
Location:- -
How I came across it: - Gift
Rating: - ***** ****
One sentence summary:- A set of eminently readable essays giving sage advice about the writing and the writing life.

General comments:-

I have read a number of books about ‘getting published’ but none so enjoyable. Carol’s writing is fun to read and instructive. it’s a long time since I read the other books but I suspect I learned less from their hundreds of pages than I did from Carol’s little book. One brief example is that when I write I tend to want to get all the information at my fingertips into the piece I’m writing. My recent blog on Pencils is a classic example.

As Carol points out ‘Sometimes, though, even more important than knowing what to include is knowing what to leave out – and when to stop’.

AUTHOR Notes:-
Carol LAKE has taught creative writing at Lake Washington Technical College in Kirkland, Washington. She is the author of various newspaper and magazine articles and a collection of short stories “Cherry Blossom Tea”.

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