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Review:- Alanna KNIGHT – “The Coffin lane Murders”

Year Published: - 1998
Where the book was from:- My own copy
ISBN: - 0 7540 3723 1
Pages: - 235pp (Large print)
Genre: - Victorian Crime
Location:- Edinburgh
How I came across it: - Pensby library booksale
Rating: - ***** **
One sentence summary:- The eleventh in a series of books about Edinburgh’s Inspector Faro

Describe the plot without giving anything away:-
Another Case for Inspector Jeremy Faro, Edinburgh's Victorian Detective The frantic arrival of PC Dean at Inspector Faro's door one winter morning brings news of the first killing in Coffin Lane. Accompanied by his step-son Vince and Vince's partner at the surgery, Dr Conan Pursley, Faro rushes to a horrific scene. For a trail of blood through the snow leads to the body of a young woman, a knife wound in her chest. Molly Blaith had been on her way to post a letter for her employer Miss Errington. Or had she? For such a journey should not have taken her down Coffin Lane. Did she have an assignation?

General comments:- 
Fairly typical cosy crime with an unusual setting - Edinburgh in Victorian times.   The 'villian' was a bit predictable but one perhaps shouldn't judge a whole series on the basis of one novel. 
Inspector Faro novels
1. Enter Second Murderer (1988)
2. Blood Line (1989)
3. Deadly Beloved (1989)
4. Killing Cousins (1990)
5. A Quiet Death (1991)
6. To Kill a Queen (1992)
7. The Evil That Men Do (1993)
8. The Missing Duchess (1994)
9. The Bull Slayers (1995)
10. Murder by Appointment (1996)
11. The Coffin Lane Murders (1998)
12. The Final Enemy (2002)
13. Unholy Trinity (2004)
14. Faro and the Royals (2005)
15. Murder in Paradise (2008)


AUTHOR Notes:- Alanna Knight was born in Scotland in 1923 and also writes under the name Margaret Hope.

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  1. I stopped by your blog today. Thanks for the review. I'm always looking out for new cozy mysteries. I'm currently reading Deborah Crombie's series.
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