Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Diaries – A Challenge

I love reading diaries. I usually end up making lots of notes when I do so. I am fascinated by the actual date that events happened on – both major international events and the minor happenings of ‘little’ people. It would be better, in a way, if I could ignore my note-taking and just read. As a result of this internal battle I often put my diary reading to one side in favour of a good novel.

For 2009 I have issued myself a challenge – to read 15 diaries. There will be no problem getting hold of them. I have quite a few boxes of diaries in the loft – literally hundreds of them. To read them all, make notes from them and then do something useful with the notes will take many years but at least if I read 15 in 2009 I will have started the process.

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