Monday, 11 August 2008

Valerio Massimo Manfredi – “The Last Legion”

Publ: 2003 ISBN 978-0333907696
Rating: ****
A brilliant new historical epic from the best-selling author of The Alexander Trilogy. As the Western Roman Empire begins to collapses in 470AD, a small band of Roman soldiers, rescue a young Romulus Augustus, the last Emperor and his tutor..... A mix of ‘The Decline and Fall’ with the beginning of the Arthurian legend – brilliantly written and researched.
(The summary of the plot in Fanatstic Fiction suggests that the writer read a totally different book!!!)

VALERIO MASSIMO MANFREDI (born 1943) is an Italian historian and archaeologist and was voted Man of the Year 1999 by the American Biographical Institute. Manfredi's books have been translated into several languages. He is the author of the enormously successful Alexander trilogy.

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