Sunday, 3 August 2008

Rating the books

I have decided – again inspired by trying to join a book club site – that I should rate the books I read on a simple scale of some sort.

I decided 1 to 5 stars was about as simple as one could get.

In broad terms the ratings can be interpreted as follows:-

5 – As good as it gets. As for example a George Eliot classic with good plot, fine English, an educational content, and fine character delineation. (In the case of non-classics an originality of plot counts for a lot.) Worth reading more than once.
4 – A good read all round - especially those with some educational content rather then just a good story-line unless that story-line is exceptional.
3 – Enjoyable but nothing special – as, for example, the second or third of a series like M C Beaton’s Agatha Raisin novels where the first one might well rank as a four star but after that they may be great fun but not quite so special. The rating that I give most of my easy-to-read, general fun books which take my mind off things and, equally important, can just be picked up and take no effort.
2 – Pretty average and not especially recommended as worth reading.
1 – Poor – just about finished – or maybe not!
0 – Did not get past first few pages.

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