Thursday, 28 February 2008

Victorian and Edwardian Liverpool


The title page of this book reads “Victorian and Edwardian Liverpool and the North West from old photographs. Introduction and commentaries by George Chandler.” It amazes me that it does not refer to Dr, Chandler since that is how this former head of Liverpool’s Library service always required he be known when I worked there. One should not speak ill of the dead (which I assume he is by now) so I can find nothing else to say about the editor of this work which was published in 1972.

The book is simply 150 photos of the area during the Edwardian era copied from the collections of local libraries and the commentaries are rarely more than a sentence. Nevertheless it is a good cross-section of the area in those times. If I were ever to re-build my library of Liverpool books this is one I would need in it.

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