Thursday, 7 February 2008

David Lewis “Walks through History – Liverpool”


Some suggested perambulations around Liverpool city centre and environs. A most enjoyable book which is light and easy to read, informative and full of black and white photos. Whether you are a Scouser, a lover of Liverpool history, or simply a day visitor looking for a useful guide it is an essential addition to the bookshelf. In particular the latter will enjoy the pub crawl in the last chapter but it is best if you are male because although the book doesn’t mention them some of the pubs have the most spectacular Gents and urinals in the country. But if you are thinking of taking photos in there I’d make sure everyone knows what you’re doing beforehand! First published in 2004 there is an updated 2007 edition.

This one of a series of books and it would be well worth seeing if there is one for a part of the country you are visiting in the near future.

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