Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Conn Iggulden “The Field of Swords”


This is the third book in the Emperor series about Julius Caesar and covers the years in Gaul and Britain. This wonderful combination of adventure and history is not only a great read but demonstrates a tremendous amount of research. Normally I am not enamoured of authors who top or tail their works with explanatory notes – a work of fiction should really stand on its own without excuses – otherwise why not write a work of non-fiction. Conn Iggulden provides the exception to the rule with his afterwords which tell us where he has digressed from the historical truth (as generally perceived) and where he has shortened or lengthened and included or excluded events for effect. He also makes recommendations for further reading about the life and times of Caeser. If I didn’t have so many books piled up waiting to be read I would be tempted to try to get hold of them.

Like its two predecessors this is a five star work! No sooner had I finished than volume four was opened.

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