Monday, 13 June 2011

Kindles and things...

I haven't posted properly about the books I've read for months. I haven't even laisted the last few months though hopefully that will be remedied when I fiond where I put the lost! Until yesterday virtually all I had been reading was Nineteenth Century novels or non-fiction about the Victorian age. I branched out yesterday and read "The Elegance of the Hedgehog". It has really whetted my appetite for returning to the 21st Century.

Despite loving the feel and look of books I bought a Kindle back in February. Apart from all the known advantages the big one for me is the cheap and easy access to books which are no longer available, even second-hand. For years there have been a few Anthony Trollope books that I've wanted to read but haven't been able to get hold of them. Even the British Library doesn't have lending copies. Some of them could have been downloaded onto my computer but I don't think I could happily read a book on my computer – especially when I spend so much time on it doing other things. And now, at last I can access them all. And the price is ridiculous. I've just paid less than £5.00 for over 90 books.


  1. I have so many real books sitting on the shelves that I haven't read yet I dare not get a kindle!

    Regarding the list of books you've read recently... I know you don't have a life list, but have you kept a list since you've had this blog or is the blog the only record?

  2. The blog is the only record. I try not to return books to the library or put my own books back in their proper place until I have at least listed them on the blog. Consequently there is a pile on the wooden chest on the landing waiting to be recorded. As for the library, they probably think I've died - I haven't been in there this year!


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