Thursday, 16 June 2011

2010 – A Belated Summary

During 2010 I read 125 fiction and 32 non-fiction; a total of 157 books (assuming I didn’t fail to record any). That is an increase of 47 on the year 2009 - perhaps my being laid up after my triple bypass had a little to do with it but even so I am amzed at such a great increase.

My Book of the Year was –
Peter MARREN (author) & Richard MABEY (editor) – “Bugs Britannica”

My Top Ten Fiction of the Year (Not counting books re-read like the Discworld series and Barchester Chronicles):-

David DICKINSON – “Death on the Holy Mountain”
Sam SAVAGE – “Firmin”
Rachel KING – “The Sound of Butterflies”
Elliot PATTISON – “Water Touching Stone”
Terry PRATCHETT - "I Shall Wear Midnight"
Paul ADAM – “Sleeper”
Ann GRANGER – “A Rare Interest in Corpses”
Ariana FRANKLIN – “Mistress of the Art of Death”
Marina LEWYCKA – “A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian”
Richard DOYLE – “Flood”

My Top Ten Non-fiction of the Year

Peter MARREN (author) & Richard MABEY (editor) – “Bugs Britannica”
Matthew HART – “The Irish Game”
David ATTENBOROUGH et al – “Amazing Rare Things”
P J Harris 'The Movers and Shakers of Victorian England'
Fred H Crossley "Cheshire"
Henry Kelsall Aspinall 'Birkenhead and its surroundings'
James McCLINTOCK – “The Stonehenge Companion”
Aubrey MALONE - "Literary Trivia"
Tadg FARRINGTON – “The Average Life of the Average Person”
Wilson, D M & Wilson C J “Edward Wilson’s Nature Notebooks”

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  1. I've only read one of them - a decrease on last year if I recall. Must read more!


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