Thursday, 16 July 2009

Review - Elizabeth NOBLE - "The Reading Group"

GB's copy
ISBN: 0 340 73470 1
Genre: General Fiction
Pages: 466p
Found bySerendipity
Rating: *****

What led you to pick up this book?
The idea of a novel based on a reading group attracted me.

Describe the plot without giving anything away.
"The real, hidden subject of a book group discussion, is the book group members themselves." Margaret Attwood.

What did you think of the characters?
I found it hard to get the characters clear in my mind for quite a while but that could be because of all the other things I was doing while reading this. I felt I should make a list of characters and who they were.

What did you think about the style?
Apart from the above criticism I found the style quite easy going But it was not a book that I would rush back to.

Would I recommend it?
Not especially but I couldn't be sure I've given it a fair crack of the whip.

ELIZABETH NOBLE lives in Guildford, Surrey, with her husband and two daughters and this was her first novel.

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  1. this book l read in a getaway form it all mood...worked too....bit more than 'chicklit' but not my usual contemporary literary bent..


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