Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Veronica Stallwood – “Oxford Double”

When I looked up Oxford Double on the Fantastic Fiction site what should be the ‘Similar book by different author’ but one by Simon Brett - this is getting creepy – a bit like the murders in Oxford Double that novelist Kate Ivory sets out to solve. This is the ninth in the Kate Ivory series:-
1. Death and the Oxford Box (1993)
2. Oxford Exit (1994)
3. Oxford Mourning (1995)
4. Oxford Fall (1996)
5. Oxford Knot (1998)
6. Oxford Blue (1998)
7. Oxford Shift (1999)
8. Oxford Shadows (2000)
9. Oxford Double (2001)
10. Oxford Proof (2002)
11. Oxford Remains (2004)
12. Oxford Letters (2005)
13. Oxford Menace (2007)

VERONICA STALLWOOD was born in London, educated abroad and now lives near Oxford. In the past she has worked at the Bodleian Library and more recently in Lincoln College library.

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