Saturday, 5 April 2008

Tessa Barclay - "A Tissue of Lies"


Not my usual sort of book, this turned out to be a sort of superior class romance with a bit of the historical and moral thrown in... I was a bit misled by the blurbs on the back which seemed to suggest it was a historical crime novel. Set in Victorian times it is "A race against time to save a family name . . . - Jenny Corvill, mistress of the Waterside Mill in the Scottish Borders town of Galashiels, was looking forward to taking it easy as a new wife. But when her sister-in-law disappears with a dashing young playboy, the Corvill family is plunged into disaster. Jenny must undertake a terrifying and dangerous journey into the seedy underworld of Victorian London and rescue her sister-in-law before its too late . . ." It took about an hour and a half to to read the 404 pages. A bit of a change from spending six days on George Eliot!

TESSA BARCLAY Tessa Barclay is a pseodunymn used by Jean Bowden whoi was born in 1925. She also uses the names - Barbara Annandale, Jocelyn Barry, Jennifer Bland, Avon Curry, Belinda Dell...

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