Sunday, 13 April 2008

Michael Byrnes – “The Sacred Bones”


Brilliant! First Class! Ten out of Ten! Addictive!

Occasionally one comes across a book that is so good one doesn’t want to put it down. Then, even more rarely, one finds a book that is so good one has to put it down because one doesn’t want it to end.. This is just such a book.

A thriller of tremendous pace it begins with an attack on a holy site in Jerusalem and flashes back to the Knights Templar and across to the Vatican. I love fiction which includes lots of well-researched material from which one learns about life in times past or foreign parts. This has everything. I have learned about Islam, Christianity, Judea in the first century, Rome and the Vatican, the Knights Templar and genetics – all within a fast-paced and enjoyable thriller.

MICHAEL BYRNES – This is Michael Byrnes first novel (2007) – hopefully the first of many. Byrnes is the founder and CEO of a mufti-million pound insurance brokerage firm. He lives in Florida with his wife and two daughters.

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