Friday, 5 February 2010

Review – E D H JOHNSON – “The Poetry of Earth”

Year Published: - 1966
Where the book was from:- My own copy
ISBN: - -
Pages: - 423pp
Genre: - Natural History; Diaries;
Location:- England
How I came across it: - Bought in a library sale years ago
Rating: - ***** ****
One sentence summary:- A wonderful collection of English Nature Writings from Gilbert White of Selborne to Richard Jefferies; illustrated by their contemporaries.

General Comments:
An ideal source for my nature diary researches and a great read. I have dipped into it frequently in the past but this is the first time I have read it cover to cover. Among the diarists quoted in this work are Gilbert White; Thomas Gray; Dorothy Wordsworth; Samuel Taylor Coleridge; William Cobbett; John Clare; Gerard Manley Hopkins; and Francis Kilvert.

The illustrations range from Constable sto some little known artists but all are ideally suited to matching the text.

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