Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Quotation - Susan Hill

"But if the books I have read have helped to form me, then probably nobody else who ever lived has read exactly the same books, all the same books and only the same books, as me. So just as my genes and the soul within me make me uniquely me, so I am the unique sum of the books I have read. I am my literary DNA."
Susan Hill “Howard’s end is on the Landing”


  1. Great words! Have you read her Howards End book? I've seen rather mixed reviews from bloggers.

  2. No, Nan, I haven't read it and I have mixed feelings about some of Susan Hill's views so I'm not surprised the reviews are mixed. I found this quote in a review by a blogger who was very positive about it.

  3. You know what - I think that in general, I just don't like books about books.

  4. I'm really glad you said that Nan. I don't either but I have always felt guilty about admitting it. I've got a few books about people's reading habits, recommendations or 'the books that made me' that have sat on my shelves for years before ending up in the loft. I've never been able to get into them. Perhaps I should just admit it and get rid of them!!


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