Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Review:- Sara FRASER – “The Drowned Ones”

Publ: 2009
Pensby Library
ISBN: 978-0-7278-6854-1
Genre: Cosy historical crime
Pages: 216p
Found by Serendipity
Rating: ***** ***

What led you to pick up this book?
It was on the new crime books shelf in the library

Describe the plot without giving anything away.

This is the third 'Constable Thomas Potts' historical mystery. It is 1827 in the town of Redditch in Worcestershire and Thomas Potts is still reluctantly battling to keep the peace, whilst living in penury in the town Lock-Up with his battle-axe of a mother. Thomas is depressed at the slow progress of his courtship of local beauty Amy Danks: without any money nor prospects, he cannot hope to marry her, and he fears that she will soon look elsewhere. Then the body of a young serving-girl is found drowned in the Tardebigge Canal, and Potts is drawn into the investigation, forced to confront the notorious 'Leggers', town outcasts who work on the barges and who, he suspects, may know something. Tom will risk his own life and reputation several times over as he carries out his reluctant role as constable.

What did you think of the characters and style?
An easy going style that keeps one interested without testing ones brain too much. Tom is a most attractive – if reluctant – hero though poor, gangly and the butt of everyone’s jokes.

What did you like most about the book?
Typical cosy historical crime with enough of an atmosphere of the 1820s to make it feel realistic.

Was there anything you didn't like about the book?
No. I shall be looking to find the previous two Thomas Potts adventures.

Thoughts on the book jacket / cover.

Would I recommend it?


Sara Fraser is a pseudonym for Roy Clews. Clews, , Royal Marines Commander, Spanish Foreign Legionnaire, Paratrooper, Merchant Seaman, Actor, Stuntman, Kibbutznik, International Tramp and Down and Out... he has been all these things and more in a roving life as colourful as any of the characters he creates for his highly successful historical novels, published in England and America. He lives in Tregaron, Cornwall.

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