Saturday, 8 August 2009


I come across some great quotations about books, reading and libraries. I have decided to put some of them on this blog. This first one was found on Nan's blog recently:-

A librarian, speaking about the library in 'The Giant's House' by Elizabeth McCracken:

"Space is the chief problem. Books are a bad family - there are those you love, and those you are indifferent to; idiots and mad cousins who you would banish except others enjoy their company; wrongheaded but fascinating eccentrics and dreamy geniuses; orphaned grandchildren; and endless brothers-in-law simply taking up space who you wish you could send straight to hell. Except you can't for the most part. You must house them and make them comfortable and worry about them when they go on trips and there is never enough room."


  1. I was utterly surprised when I stopped in and found this! It really is a great quote.


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