Sunday, 7 June 2009

Review:- Peter BOWLER - "The Superior Person's Book of Words"

Publ: 2002
ISBN: 0 7475 5537 8
Genre: Humour, lexicography,
Pages: 166p
Read for the second time
Rating: ***** ****

A wonderful book to either read from cover to over or simply dip into ad lib. It introduces the meanings of a variety of unusual words and then suggests uses with Bowler's unique brand of humour.

Thoroughly recommended for anyone who is interested in words or in skilfully putting down others by the use of some of the more strange words in the English language. An example is perhaps the best way of demonstrating the nature of the book:-

ZZJOANW n. A Maori drum. The recommended use is in Scrabble. The technique is to save up, at all costs, the letters Z, X, J, O. and W (or a blank that can be used in place of any you don't manage to acquire); to wait for a dangling A N on which you can build; and then to strike. The satisfaction to be derived from this single act altogether outweighs whatever chagrin you might otherwise experience through losing the game, as assuredly you will- even that experienced through losing six games in succession, if need be, before you can effect your coup.

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