Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Review – Bernard CORNWELL – “Sharpe’s Honour“

Publ: 1985
Pensby Library
ISBN: 0 00 617198 2
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 375p
Continuing reading the series
Rating: ***** ***

What led you to pick up this book?
Continuing reading the series

Describe the plot without giving anything away.

Richard Sharpe and the Vittoria Campaign, February to June 1813. Sharpe has developed a new enemy – Ducos – a Napoleonic intelligence officer with hints of the SS about him. Sharpe gets involved not just in battles but in politics – for which he is ill-designed to cope. Before too long Welington is faced with the prospect of hanging the man who once saved his life.

What did you think of the characters?
As in all my previous Sharpe reviews – there seems little point in repeating the comments....

What did you think about the style?
As in all my previous Sharpe reviews....

What did you like most about the book?
The development of the character of Ducos.

Was there anything you didn't like about the book?

Thoughts on the book jacket / cover.
I do like the set of covers that have old paintings on them. Much better than the later ones. Unfortunately I haven’t seen the ‘good cover for this one.

Would I recommend it?

Yes, another essential for Sharpe fans or anyone interested in the Napoleonic wars.

BERNARD CORNWELL – see ‘Sharpe’s Havoc’

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