Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Rebecca Tope “A Cotswold Mystery”


This is the fourth in a series of easy-going murder mysteries set in the Cotswolds as heroine Thea Osborne undertakes house-sitting for people who have gone ion holiday. As always her house-sitting sets off a chain of events which include a murder.

The previous ones are Death in the Cotswolds; A Cotswolds Ordeal; and A Cotswold Killing. I have read one of these earlier ones but cannot recall which one. I suspect they are all pretty much alike - which is part of their charm. You know you are not going to be challenged by books like this; you can just lie back and enjoy the Cotswold atmosphere. This one is set in Blockley which has family history connections somewhere back up the line.

The only horrific thing about “A Cotswold Mystery” is the price. I borrowed it from Pensby Library but if I had bought it I would have had to spend £19.99. Even to a book addict like me that seems a lot!

REBECCA TOPE grew up on a farm and has held a wide variety of jobs, such as a prenatal instructor, marriage counselor, and funeral director, all of which have taught her a great deal about human nature. In 1992, she founded Praxis books, a small British press. She lives on a smallholding in Herefordshire with a full complement of livestock and often manages to weave pig-breeding, milk recording, spinning, lambing and a host of other personal experiences into her books.

Among her dozen or so other murder mysteries is Memory of Water (with Brian Eastman) – a Rosemary and Thyme mystery.

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