Thursday, 10 January 2008

David Hewson – “A Season for the Dead”


Whilst Sara pores over ancient texts in the Vatican reading room, a brutal murder is taking place in a nearby church. Then suddenly a crazed man enters the Vatican carrying a bloodied bag. He walks up to Sara's desk. He has something he would like her to see. Soon Sara is linked to a series of murders.

Set in modern Rome this crime thriller introduces the reader to Nic Costa who later appears in a series of books -

1. A Season for the Dead (2003)
2. The Villa of Mysteries (2004)
3. The Sacred Cut (2005)
4. The Lizard's Bite (2006)
5. The Seventh Sacrament (2007)
6. The Garden of Evil (2008)
7. Dante's Numbers (2008)

Even to someone who doesn’t know Rome and the Vatican at all the atmosphere is well created. The plot is clever and original. The writing style easy and the whole combination a thoroughly enjoyable read.

DAVID HEWSON (born 1953) has written a number of novels since 1996, as well as the Nic Costa crime series,several travel and desktop publishing books and the story of the Wye Park (Kent) battle - Saved: How an English Village Fought for Its Future... and Won (2007). . A weekly columnist for the Sunday Times, he lives in Kent.

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