Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Juliet Marillier – “Wolfskin"

Continuing my need for some simple escapist literature I have just borrowed this from the library.

Growing up on a prosperous farm in Viking Norway, young Eyvind longs for the day when he can join Jarl Magnus's elite warrior group, the Wolfskins. Set in Norway and the Orkneys at a time when historical records were not written down, this heroic fantasy is full of adventure, rivalry, loyalty, love and death. A fine view of Orkney, the Viking way of life (and death) with a touch of Norse Gods, all set in an exciting tale of war and settlement. This will not be the last Marillier novel I read!

This book, written in 2003, is the first in a trilogy “Children of the Light Isles” of which part two – “Foxmask” was published in 2004. A previous trilogy “Sevenwaters” ( Daughter of the Forest (2000); Son of the Shadows (2001) and . Child of the Prophecy (2002)) had already won Juliet Marillier international acclaim. It is a historical fantasy set in ninth century Ireland.

JULIET MARILLIER was born in New Zealand and brought up in Dunedin, the 'Edinburgh of the South'. She has a passionate interest in Celtic music and Irish folklore. A mother of two daughters and two sons, she lives in a rural area outside Perth in Western Australia.

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